EconoMAX Trucking Cylinders

Engineered from scratch as a dedicated trucking industry air cylinder.

One Tough Cylinder

Standard air cylinders were never designed to operate in the brutal conditions seen by dump trucks, plows, salters and trailers. Extreme heat, extreme cold and a corrosive environment make quick work of cheap round body or extruded aluminum cylinders.

EconoMAX was designed exclusively for an industry neglected as an afterthought to other cylinder manufacturers. Made right here in North America using modern CNC technology in a lean manufacturing plant, we laboured over every detail to offer the best combination of quality and price. In fact, EconoMAX is the ONLY trucking cylinder rated for 250 PSI and offered with a 2-year unconditional warranty.

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EconoMAX® brand manufactured by:
Higginson Equipment Inc.

1175 Corporate Drive, Unit 1
Burlington, Ontario
Canada, L7L 5V5

Toll Free: 1-877-225-5437

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